5 Important Web Design Trends for 2022

Web Design Trends for 2022

It’s time to check in on some key web design trends for 2022. While some current trends require major investments of tens of thousands of dollars, we don’t want to focus on those. They’re fairly exclusive to larger national and international companies with endless funds for website development.

Rather, we want to talk about web design trends for 2022 that have practical implications for small and mid-size businesses. These are trends anyone can incorporate into their brand’s website for a more modern feel and stronger connections with their target audience.

So, if you’re launching a new site this year, or looking to redesign your existing site, keep these web design trends for 2022 in mind. They can help you figure out your direction and ultimately create a site that’s more effective for lead generation and sales.

2022 Web Design Trends

  1. Single-page websites – Websites consisting only of one page are growing in popularity and set to really boom in 2022. They’re concise, focused, and easy to digest (especially on mobile devices). You can set up a strong sales funnel and achieve high conversions with a smartly designed single-page website. They’re particularly well suited to brands with simpler offerings or only one or two primary products or services.
  1. Big, bold fonts – It’s becoming much more common for words to be much more prominent on the screen. When words are really large, they’re no longer just copy; they’re also a graphic element on the site. The right few words displayed largely in an attractive font can make a powerful statement, both visually and with their messaging. This is a design trend you can expect to see with increasing frequency moving forward in 2022.
  1. Pages without images – This goes along with number 2, in part; large words are often replacing images now—particularly hero images on home pages. In many cases, this means forgoing the stock imagery that so many sites use, but that can be pretty ineffective and not all that compelling. All in all, it makes for a more minimalist look, which is quite en vogue these days. But it also improves page load times, which is an important part of user experience and SEO.
  1. Lines – Yes, lines are in now. This includes borders near the edges of the screen, as well as borders and dividing lines around different elements and sections on the page. It creates a more organized, compartmentalized look and feel. It also helps make the page more scannable, even while allowing for more content without making the page seem too crowded.
  1. Micro animations and micro interactions – Micro animations are small graphic elements on the page that move a bit; micro interactions are similar, but they happen when the user hovers over an element (like an icon or a link). These are ways to hold attention a little better and make the user feel more engaged, and they’re definitely one of the rising web design trends for 2022.

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