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about create180 design

About CREATE180 Design

Unleashing brands since 2007

CREATE180 Design is an Orlando web design and digital marketing company serving small and mid-size businesses, nonprofits, and personal brands in Central Florida.

We focus on brand positioning through website creation and strategic online promotion.
Our small team of specialized experts and our honed process allow us to offer lean, efficient, customized big business-level services that fit the budgets of local brands.

Among other things, we’re very good at:

Defining and communicating a brand's unique selling proposition

Identifying, reaching, and engaging a brand's target market

Continuously building a following of opt-in high-quality leads

Maximizing the value of every dollar spent in a controlled budget

Meet our team

Brand Manager

After serving The Mouse—this is Orlando, you know the one—for 24 years, James decided to apply his strong background in corporate research and analysis to helping smaller local companies achieve success.

James is a New England transplant who’s traveled and scuba dived around the world. Along with his business and marketing acumen, his first degree black belt in taekwondo and his former training as an EMT make him a good guy to have on your side.

Today, James is happily settled into his niche as CREATE180 Design’s Brand Manager & Marketing Analyst. Basically, what that means is, he enjoys uncovering a business’s unique selling proposition and developing strategies to communicate it through branding and promotional campaigns.

Owner, Graphic Designer

If you only work with one graphic designer who speaks Afrikaans and devotes her personal time to her lifelong interests in creative photography and competitive ballroom dancing, make it Helize.

Born in South Africa, Helize moved to Orlando in 1992. After getting a degree in Architectural Drafting & Design Technology, she worked for several years creating project design layouts for a local interior design firm. One day, the company requested she try her hand at creating some digital sales collateral. Everyone quickly realized she had missed her calling.

Luckily, it’s never too late to start anew. In 2007, Helize founded CREATE180 Design and has since helped hundreds of Central Florida businesses establish and promote strong brand identities through logo, digital, and print design and marketing services.

Creative Writer

Eric isn’t a swashbuckling, monster truck-driving, globetrotting 11-toed marathon runner holding a Guinness World Record and six patents, but he’s a pretty good backgammon player. And he owns thousands of books. The ones made out of paper, not pixels.

Since 2007, he’s provided businesses with a variety of writing, editing, marketing, and branding services. His experience includes copywriting, content and email marketing, SEO, press releases, newsletters, e-books, social media marketing, event marketing, and more.

In addition, Eric is a food, travel, and lifestyle writer for digital and print publications, as well as a widely published creative writer. He enjoys Belgian ales, Burgundy wines, and single-malt scotch, but only in moderation during business hours.

Interested in hiring CREATE180 Design?

We’ve been doing this for a while now, and have gained some insights into what makes for the most successful partnerships between us and clients from any given industry. Below is a little information to help you decide if our agency would be a good fit for you.

Consider the following to help decide if we're the agency for you:

If you already know what you want and are just looking for someone to build it, we won't be a good fit

We follow a brand positioning process to effectively communicate your value proposition directly to your target market. This process and its results are a big part of who we are; we don't work on projects that don't involve this aspect.

We want this to be a collaborative effort

Every project should be a partnership. You're the expert in your brand and industry, and we'll be counting on that; we're experts at what we do, so have confidence in our talents and experience. When it all comes together, the results are great

You should want to develop core elements of your branding strategy

Again, we start with some brand positioning homework in an in-person discovery session. Be willing and prepared to dig into your unique selling proposition, your differentiator, your target audience, and your brand messaging. It’s worth it.

You should recognize that your brand has a story to tell—and want to tell it

Our goal is to design a website and execute digital marketing that generates more leads and sales and connects you to a growing, engaged following of fans. That requires telling a compelling brand story to your target market.

We aren’t the solution if you’re simply looking for the lowest price available

We provide modern websites, big business-caliber brand positioning, and valuable digital marketing at fair, affordable prices for small and mid-size brands. Some agencies charge lower fees, but we deliver exceptional value for our price point.

We aren’t the solution if you need your project completed immediately

We have relatively quick turnaround for our industry and size, but we don’t rush or cut corners. We’ve carefully honed our process and want to do everything right. We’re determined that every completed project reflects well on our client and on us.

Still with us? Great!

Use the contact form below and we’ll be in touch soon to talk about your project, concerns, and goals. Thanks, and we can’t wait to get to know you and your brand!

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