Small but

Low-cost single-page websites for simple site needs

We specialize in responsive, highly focused, single-page websites.

But don’t be fooled by their size; their simplicity and our expertly designed, streamlined sales funnel make these smaller sites powerful sales tools. And they can also be built at a much lower cost—starting at just $600.

Our starter sites come with the same brand strategy, compelling copy, search engine optimization, and integration with Google and social media that our full sites include. And these WordPress sites are easy to expand if the need arises.

We’ve found these single-page websites to be especially well suited to:

  • Tradespeople/contractors
  • Small businesses with 1 or 2 main products/services
  • Small businesses with 1 or 2 conversion goals
  • Personal brands
  • Startups on a tight budget
  • Side hustles and monetized hobbies


We specialize in creating streamlined, highly focused, high-conversion single-page websites for brands with simple products or services. These are an affordable way for small businesses to have a powerful web presence. Here are a few examples of this website style:

Violeta Parilli Therapy

Alpha Construction

Tapatio Spice

Macaya Cleaning Services

The Red Heart Company

Ready to discuss your starter site
needs and goals,
and how we can help?


  • You provide the domain, we host the site and retain ownership
  • We take care of the site management (includes free updates every 6 months) for a monthly fee
  • Ownership transfers to you after paying full price (with the site fee and monthly management fee for 18 months)
  • If you want ownership sooner, just pay the remaining balance on the full price

– Or –

  • Pay full price up front for immediate ownership, we set up the site with a recommended host

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