Pro Tips for Social Media Marketing in 2022 and Beyond

Pro Tips for Social Media Marketing in 2022 and Beyond

If you’re new to social media marketing, or if you just haven’t had any success with it, start by reviewing these beginner tips for social media marketing and these common social media marketing mistakes. Once you’ve taken them all to heart, you can then focus on the following pro tips for social media marketing.

These are pointers that go a bit beyond the basic advice out there. They take into account current trends and a good deal of research into what works and what doesn’t these days for brands on social networking websites and apps.

Putting these pro tips for social media marketing into action should help your organization see increased engagement, growth in your following, and ultimately, more leads, sales, and ROI from your digital marketing efforts.

Up-to-Date Pro Tips for Social Media Marketing

  • Share funny content. There’s just no getting around it; people like funny stuff. If you can create funny memes or other content yourself that’s relevant to your target audience, that’s great. Otherwise, curate relevant amusing content from other sources. Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean you should steal other people’s content. Give credit or link to the original as appropriate.
  • Show your brand’s values. In today’s world, brands that take a stand on important issues fare better on social media. They get more likes, comments, shares, and other engagement. And they foster greater customer loyalty among those who share their values.
  • Look beyond an influencer’s number of followers. Many companies just look at the follower count when trying to find people to connect with for influencer marketing campaigns. But it’s more important to find influencers who post quality content, who get a high engagement rate, and who align with your brand’s values. This is why “micro-influencers” with follower counts below 100,000 are often best.
  • Know your social media platforms. There are a lot of them. Choose the ones that make the most sense for your brand and your marketing style, and where your target audience spends the most time. Share a lot of high-quality images of your products? You should be on Instagram. But if you create a lot of in-depth written content, you won’t get anywhere sharing it there. Churn out short, fun videos? You might have a YouTube channel, but are you on TikTok yet?
  • Make videos and share them. This is one of the most important pro tips for social media marketing in this day and age. If you need ideas, here are just some effective ways to use video to market your brand. And then, consider all these compelling reasons to use video in your social media marketing. As far as social content goes, video rules. If you can make funny videos (see the first bullet above), even better. Video is especially beneficial for cultivating a following among younger consumers.

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