Quick Tips for Getting More YouTube Subscribers for Your Brand’s Channel

Quick Tips for Getting More YouTube Subscribers for Your Brand's Channel

Smart brands are investing in video because there are lots of great ways to use video for marketing that are particularly effective. Also, video is crucial for social media marketing these days, and video offers compelling benefits for e-commerce sites, too.

YouTube is of course the biggest social media site for compiling and sharing videos. Your brand’s YouTube channel can serve as its hub for video marketing. And, with ongoing efforts to keep building your following with people who opt in out of genuine interest, it can serve as a powerful marketing platform itself. So, we’d like to offer some tips for getting more YouTube subscribers that add value for your brand.

How to Get More Subscribers for Your YouTube Channel

  • Create videos that deliver genuine value for the audience, whether it teaches them how to do something, solves a problem for them, entertains them, or something else. People don’t watch videos just to be advertised to.
  • Understand your audience. This is essential to pulling off the previous tip. Pay attention to what gets views and what doesn’t, and which videos people watch all the way through. Ask your customers or clients and your social media followers what sort of videos they’d like to see.
  • Invest in some equipment to produce videos with quality image and sound. Low-quality videos don’t foster trust, and most people get annoyed with them and move on quickly.
  • Create attractive, eye-catching thumbnails for your videos. The click-through rate on your thumbnails in search results is a significant factor for YouTube’s ranking algorithm, so they can have a big effect on how many people view your content.
  • Organize your videos into logical playlists to encourage people to watch more than one. Start playlists with videos that have the highest audience retention rates.
  • Add a subscription call to action (CTA) to the end of each video.
  • Share your videos from your other social media accounts, and ask people to subscribe to your channel in the accompanying text.
  • Engage with everyone who comments on your videos (on YouTube and on other social sites where you share them). Ask people to consider subscribing when they have positive things to say about your videos. This is a great way to build your community, but higher engagement rates also mean higher rankings in search results.
  • Link to videos from your written blog content, website copy, and other places when the link adds more value for the user.
  • Put up new videos on a fairly regular schedule. Some reasons people subscribe include because they trust you’ll be releasing content they want to see, and because they don’t want to miss posts.
  • Create subscriber-only content to add an incentive.
  • One of the tips for getting more YouTube subscribers that can work most quickly requires spending some cash on digital advertising: Run social ads promoting your YouTube channel.

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