Why You Should Use Video Marketing for an E-Commerce Site

Why You Should Use Video Marketing for an E-Commerce Site

There are lots of ways to use video for marketing, and it’s one of the top-performing content types on brand websites and social media sites these days. But brands operating e-commerce sites have largely been slow to adopt video content, often sticking with photos or even just graphics. But there are compelling statistics that illustrate exactly why brands should be using video marketing for an e-commerce site.

Of course, it’s not that businesses with e-commerce elements are against video; mostly, it’s a matter of cost. Yes, high-quality video equipment and the professionals who use it generally cost more than other types of content creation. The ROI can certainly make it worthwhile, though, if you’re willing to invest up front in video marketing for an e-commerce site.

Take a quick look at the statistics below to better understand why video marketing for an e-commerce site can be a really smart step in boosting your online sales.

The Power of Video Marketing for an E-Commerce Site

  • Video is now the leading type of content used by marketers for selling products and services. In HubSpot’s 2020 Not Another State of Marketing Report, survey results show that video is now the number one type of content being created, beating out written content for the first time in the report’s history.
  • According to an Animoto consumer survey, 96% of consumers consider video content helpful when researching a purchase. Also, 73% of them are more likely to buy a product or service when they can watch a video explaining it first.
  • A notable 71% of consumers say that video content is the best way to show what a product can do. Video marketing for an e-commerce site is a powerful way to illustrate a product’s features and benefits, and to help potential buyers envision themselves using it.
  • But it’s not just Gen Z who look for product videos; these days, the majority of consumers do. According to 2019 data from Google, 55% of all consumers watch video content to help them decide about a purchasing decision.

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