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4 Reasons to Develop a Content-Rich Website

4 Reasons to Develop a Content-Rich Website

It’s become a cliché now that “content is king” on the web. But even if it’s corny and overused, it’s true. Here are four compelling reasons to invest in adding blog posts, articles, and other helpful and informative content to your business website:

Add Value to Add Visits

Quality content makes your website more than a place for people to find, contact, and buy from you. It builds it into a resource for existing and potential customers or clients. This gives them reasons to visit your site more often, and possibly to buy more of your products and services. It also provides incentives for them to direct others to your site. This makes your website a true branding tool, bolstering your relationship with the public.

Build Your Following

Share genuinely valuable content via your social media accounts. You’ll increase engagement with your customers and potential customers, fostering a sense of trustworthiness and familiarity. Others will share your content via their own pages, too, expanding your brand’s reach. And remember, you’re only posting links and teasers on SM pages; people who click through go to the content on your website, so this is an effective way to drive targeted traffic to your business site. Along the same lines, good content gives other websites good reasons to link back to your website.

Build Your Reputation

Becoming a go-to resource for people who need information about your field or your products or services is a key way to enhance your brand image. Articles or blog posts that clearly and concisely present useful, accurate information are appreciated by readers and make them more inclined to trust you as an expert.

Rise in the Google Rankings

Google and other search engines give more credence to websites that continuously update with new, unique, well-written content. By adding blog posts or articles that are relevant to your industry, products or services, and customers, you gradually rise in the search engine results for your site’s keywords and phrases.

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Since 2007, Eric has provided businesses with a variety of writing, editing, marketing, and branding services. His experience includes copywriting, content and email marketing, SEO, press releases, newsletters, e-books, social media marketing, event marketing, and more.

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