Celebrating Small Business Month

Small business month

It’s Small Business Month and that means it’s the perfect time to show your support for local businesses. Supporting local businesses is an important part of building strong, vibrant communities. By doing so, you help create jobs, boost the local economy, and even help the environment. Here’s why you should support local businesses.

Create Jobs

The most obvious reason to support local businesses is that it helps create jobs in your community. When you buy from a local business, you’re not just giving that business your money, you’re also helping to keep its employees employed. Local businesses often provide better wages and benefits than big-box stores, and they often hire people from the local community. This helps to create economic stability in your area and ensures that your neighbors are employed.

Boost the Economy

Another important reason to support local businesses is that it boosts the local economy. When you buy from a local business, the money you spend stays in the local community. It helps to create a ripple effect of economic activity as the money circulates throughout the local economy. This is especially important during an economic downturn, as it can help to stabilize the local economy and provide much-needed economic stimulus.

Go Green

Finally, supporting local businesses is good for the environment. Local businesses are often smaller and more efficient than their larger counterparts, meaning they produce less waste and often have a lower carbon footprint. By supporting local businesses, you’re helping to reduce your own environmental impact and make the world a better place.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should support local businesses. By doing so, you’re not just helping to build a strong, vibrant community, you’re also helping to create jobs, boost the local economy, and reduce your environmental impact. Neighborhood programs like College Park Main Street, The Milk District, and Downtown Winter Garden are great resources to find small businesses. So, this Small Business Month, make sure to show your support for local businesses and help make your community a better place.

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