Resource Roundup: 10 Great Blogs for Learning About Content Marketing

10 Great Blogs for Learning About Content Marketing

Year after year, content marketing remains one of the most effective places to focus your digital marketing efforts, resources, and budget. That’s because there are lots of benefits of content marketing, and it delivers a reliable ROI if you do it well and stick with it. And fortunately, if you’re not quite sure how to do it well, there are plenty of good blogs for learning about content marketing.

If your brand hasn’t gotten around to launching any content marketing campaigns yet, it’s never too late to get started. But remember, the longer you wait, the more of your competitors pass you by. Once you tune in to some of these blogs for learning about content marketing, you’ll be able to help guide the strategy and choose the ways your organization goes about it. And it’s a free education and form of professional development! All it takes is a small time investment to read the posts.

Blogs for Learning About Content Marketing

  1. Contently blog – This company offers content marketing software and tools, and they write one of the best blogs for learning about content marketing around.
  1. Content Marketing Institute blog – For great information and insights, turn to the company founded by Joe Pulizzi, one of the pioneers of content marketing.
  1. Copyblogger blog – This blog is written by a professional writer, and it’s an excellent resource focused on the craft of writing effective, compelling content.
  1. Marketing Insider Group blog – Here you’ll find tons of useful information about content marketing, as well as other aspects of digital marketing, with an emphasis on B2B.
  1. Convince & Convert blog – The Content Marketing Institute—see number 2 above—actually ranked this blog the number one blog for learning about content marketing.
  1. HubSpot marketing blog – This is one of the best digital marketing blogs on the internet. There are lots of posts about content marketing, but you’ll also get a serious education in social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, conversion optimization, and so much more.
  1. Moz blog – Moz is a leader in search engine optimization software, and its blog is one of the best around focused on SEO. Of course, content plays a huge role in SEO, so it’s discussed frequently.
  1. Semrush blog – Another leader in SEO and other aspects of digital presence, this blog often publishes excellent posts about content marketing.
  1. Marketing Profs blog – There are many well-informed articles about content marketing offered for free by this marketing training resource and consultancy.
  1. Neil Patel’s blog – One of the most famous names in digital marketing, Patel’s blog covers a wide range of marketing topics, regularly touching on content marketing and related areas.

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