Quick Tips for Getting More Followers on Pinterest

Quick Tips for Getting More Followers on Pinterest

If your brand is well suited to the highly visual social platform that is Pinterest, it’s a great place to increase brand awareness and authority and to generate more leads and sales. Of course, this all depends on building a following of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to share—and what you sell. So, we’ve put together some tips for getting more followers on Pinterest that will help you reach the right people.

Remember, social media marketing is a gradual process and a long-term investment. Don’t expect instant results, and understand that it also takes time to build up an audience consisting of your target market. But these tips for getting more followers on Pinterest will help you do it efficiently and effectively.

How to Get More Followers on Pinterest

  • Use a business account, not a personal account. This gives you access to additional content formats, insightful analytics, an ad account, e-commerce functionality, and more.
  • Fill out your profile completely, and use your brand’s primary keywords. User names and bios are searchable on Pinterest.
  • Know your buyer persona so you know who to target with your content and what they want to see.
  • Share high-quality posts that are valuable and relevant to your target audience.
  • Post original images, whether they’re photos, graphics, infographics, etc., as the majority of your content.
  • Make original infographics to share. Infographics are highly engaging and shareable, and they do well on most social networks—but they do particularly well on Pinterest.
  • Post at least one or two times per week, every week.
  • Include relevant, searchable keywords in your board names and pin descriptions.
  • Use topic tags on your posts, rather than hashtags.
  • Use the Idea Pin format, which involves multiple pages of video. It’s great for reaching new people and generating engagement. It’s similar to the Stories feature on other social networks, but it has the added advantage of not disappearing after a short time, as Stories do.
  • Include keyworded text overlays on your Idea Pins, as it’s searchable and makes your video content more accessible.
  • Organize your boards into categories using Pinterest sections to help users find what they want.
  • Refer to Pinterest Trends—a feature you get access to with a business account—when planning your social content calendar. Capitalize on trending keywords in relevant ways.
  • Be active on Pinterest. Post regularly, follow other accounts and boards related to your brand, re-pin other accounts’ pins, and otherwise be engaged on the network.
  • Follow your direct competitors’ followers, as well as followers of brands that are directly complementary to—but not competitive with—your brand.
  • Add a Pinterest follow button to your website, newsletter, email signature, etc.
  • Pay to promote your high-value pins.
  • If you’ll be using the shopping functionality, join Pinterest’s Verified Merchant Program to gain credibility and trust, and to reach more people.

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