4 Reasons to Have a Branded Email Address

As a website design and branding agency, we’re strong advocates for using a branded email address if you own or represent a business, offer a personal or professional service, or even if you’re looking for a job.

What is a branded email? It’s the difference between something like YourName@gmail.com, which isn’t branded, and something like YourName@YourBusinessName.com. And no, YourBusinessName@gmail.com doesn’t count as a branded email address.

Business Branding

If you have a business name and/or a website, you want unobtrusive but highly visible exposure anywhere you can get it. The more exposure, the better the chances people remember you when they need you.

Personal Branding

People without their own business or website, like many independent contractors, freelancers, free agents, and job seekers, often use personal unbranded email accounts. It’s understandable, but it signals—whether it’s true or not—that they’re not as serious as others who go further to build their personal brand.

The solution is to buy a domain name that’s your name (www.YourName.com) or a strong representation of what you do or who you are. Forward the domain address to your Linkedin profile, online portfolio, or other professional page until you’re ready for a website. Set up your email under this new domain. You’re never too small to start branding yourself. Potential customers, clients, and employers are impressed by such signs of professionalism.

Look Professional, Established, and Trustworthy

Business correspondence from a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or other non-branded email account screams, “I’m new, not established, and working out of my garage.” Sure, everyone has to start somewhere, and working out of your garage may be a smart move, but you don’t need to broadcast it.

A branded email address also conveys instant credibility. Conversely, an unbranded address, particularly when used for business, is automatically suspect. Just the small step and small investment of acquiring a branded email account does a lot to separate you from all the spammers and scammers on the internet.

It’s Easy to Get, Easy to Use

Getting a branded email address is simple and often included free with the purchase of a $10-per-year domain name. Today, setting it up is easier than ever. The domain hosting company will help get your new account set up on your desktop computer, and if you need assistance getting the email to work on your smartphone or mobile device, your hosting company or phone service provider can help.


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