3 Ways to Get Free Publicity for Your Brand

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but good publicity is better. And free good publicity is way better. You don’t have to hire a PR firm or have a big marketing budget to get your name out there, and if you do it right, it can be far more beneficial than running ads.

Here are three ideas for generating free publicity for any small business or brand:

Be a Media Source

Suggest stories to local business reporters that tie in to your industry, offering yourself as an expert source. They’re always on the lookout for interesting subjects related to area trends, seasonal concerns, upcoming events, or other topical topics. Sign up as a source at www.helpareporter.com and you might even score some publicity in national media outlets.

Join in Discussions

Read articles online pertaining to your industry or interests of your target market and leave relevant, thoughtful, useful, informational, non-self-promotional comments. Sign with your name and brand name (and you may be allowed to include a link). Just heed all these adjectives and qualifications, or you’ll come across as a spammer. Joining forums is another avenue, but again, be a genuine participant, sharing things of value to the community, not an overt self-promoter.

Show Your Charitable Side

Reach out to local charities and nonprofits that align with your brand and consumers. Let them know you’re standing by to help with fundraising efforts and events. Donate your time and/or products or services in exchange for your brand name to appear on collateral associated with the events. Encourage your employees to get involved too, and let your customers and the public know how you contribute to the community.

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