Branding the Caribbean's Largest CASE Dealer

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Services at glance:
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Services at glance:
  • 110% YOY growth: Newsletter subscribers
  • 27% YOY growth: Facebook page likes

Trekker Group has been a client for many years, and we’ve helped them through a number of challenges and major changes to the company.

When we began working with Trekker, it consisted of six companies with locations across Florida and Puerto Rico, providing the construction industries with a range of machinery, supplies, materials, maintenance, and more.

Despite all being owned and operated by Trekker Group, six thriving companies—Trekker Tractor, Trekker Distributor, Puerto Rico Wire, Nue-Vue, Ace Forming Systems, and Ace Construction Supplies—all had their own websites (or no website) and no unified branding. We were tasked with creating one cohesive brand and website under the Trekker Group umbrella.

We built a highly organized, streamlined site with two portals, one each for the Florida and Puerto Rico-based companies. Thoughtful parallelism in the structure, navigation, colors, headline styles, and more achieved a unified look and feel. One bold voice unified the brand and conveyed its stature, while imagery of heavy machinery and large construction projects reinforced this.

The Trekker site shows how we achieve brand unity between separate parts and how well we mold large amounts of information into a manageable, user-friendly end product. It became easily navigable by customers looking for specific products or services in a particular location, and clearly depicts one strong brand identity.

The company recently sold off its CASE Construction heavy equipment dealerships. We have been helping them adjust the website and pivot to a brand focused on formwork, shoring, and scaffolding solutions. This has included adapting our longtime content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and paid campaign strategies.

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