Midcentury Modern real estate

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Services at glance:
  • Branding
  • Website
  • On- & off-page SEO
  • Digital magazine
  • Email marketing
  • Social media management & advertising
  • Video marketing
Services at glance:
  • 430% increase: Backlinks
  • 27% increase: Lead capture
  • 191% growth: Facebook following
  • 49% growth: Instagram following


A newer client, this real estate firm specializes in mid-century modern homes in the Phoenix metro area. In addition, they manage local mid-century home renovations and expansions, as well as providing interior design services focused on this particular style.

We redesigned the existing site to more clearly highlights the different areas of service available from the brand. Previously, it was unclear exactly what was offered beyond the standard services of a real estate agency assisting home buyers and sellers. Our website delineates and explains the different service areas of the brand in an easily navigable package.

Because mid mod homes are such a hot niche in the region, there’s well-established competition. In building the brand, our efforts have focused on showcasing its subject matter expertise. This includes a digital magazine that goes into depth about mid-century modern architects and style and other topics of interest to home buyers and sellers. It also entails a dynamic social media strategy exploring these topics in more depth than is typically seen on branded social accounts. Also, we helped create a video series to spotlight the firm’s home renovation projects for use on the website and social.

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