Unique Caribbean fusion bottled sauces, condiments, and marinades

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Services at glance:
  • Website
  • Rebranding
  • Digital magazine
  • Email marketing
  • Social media management & advertising
  • Video production & marketing
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Product launches
Services at glance:
  • 23% YOY growth: E-commerce sales
  • 420% YOY growth: Facebook page reach
  • 325% YOY growth: Instagram page reach

BarbaCuban produces delicious Caribbean fusion bottled sauces. Online sales are the primary source of revenue, though there’s also distribution to some Publix locations throughout Florida and other grocery and specialty stores across the South. They came to us after several year in business with a website that wasn’t converting the way they wanted, as well as some branding struggles.

In particular, while the brand is called BarbaCuban, they leaned heavily on the 455 label, which is built into several of their product names. So, in addition to designing a streamlined e-commerce website built for sales, we got to work unifying the brand’s digital presence with consistent naming and visuals across a number of platforms.

We launched a blog and newsletter focused on recipes and inspiration for using the products, grilling and cooking tips, and related content. We’ve also gotten coverage about BarbaCuban sauces in local foodie media. In addition, we assisted with a product launch when the company recently introduced a new sauce, its Cubama Alabama white barbecue sauce. Efforts included a big push on social, content and email marketing, video, and promotional campaigns.

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