Powerful Women: Celebrating Women-Owned Businesses in Orlando

Women-Owned Businesses in Orlando

Orlando is home to a vibrant business community and many of the businesses in the city are owned and operated by women. Women-owned businesses in Orlando are a vital part of the local economy and contribute to the growth and development of the city. In addition, these businesses provide important services and products to the community. This blog explores some of our favorite women-owned places to eat and shop!

Beth’s Burger Bar

At 16 years old, Beth was already developing a passion for juicy burgers. Taking her obsession to the next level, Beth was constantly customizing her burgers at every restaurant she visited, but never quite achieving the burger of her dreams. Instead of giving up, Beth decided to take matters into her own hands and open her own restaurant: Beth’s Burger Bar. With a customizable build-a-burger menu, fridges full of beer and wine, and a fun and inviting atmosphere, Beth’s Burger Bar is the perfect place to satisfy that inner child in us all.

House on Lang

Julie and Christie opened The House on Lang, a cozy bungalow located in the center of Mills-50 and Ivanhoe Village. Inside, visitors can find a unique selection of local artwork, jewelry, gifts, home goods, and clothing from the “Laundry” collection. The House on Lang also offers a workshop space for those looking to create their own art or collaborate with others. Visitors can shop, or stay and hang out with friends. Go and experience all it has to offer and enjoy a warm, lighthearted atmosphere.


Dede and Landrea are the proud owners of Miscellaneous, a small shop located in Orlando. The two sisters provide their customers with the perfect gift-giving experience, from stylish packaging to uncommon goods. The name of the shop is a reflection of the sisters’ personalities, as it is both trendy and sassy yet also earthy and organic. The sisters have created a shop that can offer a little of this and that, keeping up with the trends and curating perfect gifts for each customer.

Pom Pom’s Teahouse

Pom, owner and operator of Pom Pom’s, offers a unique blend of East meets West cuisine. Her gourmet sandwiches, authentic side salads, loose-leaf teas, and delicious array of sweets provide a tantalizing experience to all who try it. Born and raised in Thailand, she earned a degree in pastry chef before making her way to New York. With her talent and creativity, she has worked at prestigious restaurants such as NoBu and Lucky Changs. Stop by for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Se7en Bites

Se7en Bites, located in the heart of Orlando’s Milk District, is a beloved staple that specializes in nostalgic Southern comfort food with a modern twist. It is a perfect spot to join for breakfast, lunch, brunch, and scratch-made sweets. The small but standard menu features breakfast and lunch items, hot and cold-brewed coffee, and a full array of sweet treats. The story behind Se7enbites began with Trina, who has loved to bake since her Grammie first introduced her to a biscuit. The imagination and creativity that Trina developed from those early days have now become the inspiration for the treats that guests enjoy. Trina and her wife cultivated this small corner bakeshop into the global foodie destination it is today.

Women-owned businesses in Orlando are a key part of the city’s economy and contribute to its growth and development. For more great women-owned businesses in Orlando, check local publications like Orlando Weekly, Pulptown, and Bungalower. You can also do a quick Google or Yelp search to find businesses near you. Support these businesses during International Women’s Month and every month of the year!

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