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Winter Park Housing Authority

Winter Park Housing Authority

The nonprofit Winter Park Housing Authority provides safe, affordable housing for low-income individuals, families, seniors, and people with disabilities in over 700 units in six apartment buildings.


The Winter Park Housing Authority sought brand cohesion between its main site and those of its properties, and to get away from negative stereotypes associated with low-income housing.


We built seven websites using similar color schemes, layout, navigation, and copy style for consistency. Crisp, clean colors and imagery; photos of happy families; and professional photography showcasing the apartments’ well-kept exteriors and grounds contribute visually to the rebranding.

The agency provides security while people improve their lives through education, job training, and employment. We cast the housing as a launching point for a fresh start with supportive, optimistic copy. We created a digital publication titled Springboard, with helpful categories and content for the target audience of residents. It’s a great resource that brings the agency’s mission into focus.


We established cohesive branding across multiple websites, making large amounts of information easily and logically accessible. The uplifting feel and high-quality images of well-kept properties successfully remove the sites from any negative stereotypes associated with low-income housing.

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