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Revitalizing a Century-Old Furniture Brand

Heywood-Wakefield Furniture Company


Heywood-Wakefield is a legacy furniture producer established in 1897 and revived in 1992, famous for its exceptional, hand-crafted solid wood mid-century modern furniture.


The Heywood-Wakefield name has a large following among Baby Boomers and seniors. But that wasn’t translating into sales for today’s incarnation of the company, which is in the unusual position of having to compete with itself; fans are far more interested in vintage pieces than new reproductions.


Our website captures a mid-century vibe that appeals to Boomers and younger buyers interested in retro style. The copy leverages the company’s legacy and reputation for quality, durability, and values associated with the era’s manufacturing.

With limited access to photos of HW furniture, we digitally created lifestyle images of rooms with HW pieces. They look contemporary but convey nostalgia, perfectly reflecting the brand message and reinforcing content about incorporating mid-century modern furniture into more modern décor.

We established a digital magazine that covers décor topics, but focuses on mid-century cultural subjects that play to audience nostalgia. Along with a similar social media strategy and a Preferred Customers Club offering special deals, we’ve built a large social following and opt-in email list.


Previously, HW was losing most of the thousands of monthly site visitors who came in search of vintage furniture. But our efforts and email list have connected HW to them, and they’ve proven willing to buy new productions to complement and complete their rooms. Take a look at the numbers to the right for data on our results.


Annual Increase in New Website Visitors


Annual Increase in Social Following


Monthly Increase in Lead Generation


Monthly Increase in Email Subscribers


I was introduced to CREATE180 Design by a gentleman who’s handled our IT for 15 years. I rely on his expertise and judgment, so I was happy for the referral, as we were in sore need of professional marketing help.

What first impressed me about CREATE180 Design was that one of the principles drove to Miami from Orlando to meet me and ask questions about our company. He spent all afternoon listening and taking notes, and by the time he left I had a very good feeling about his agency.

In subsequent weeks, it was clear they were doing a lot of research on our company and industry to better understand our needs. They worked closely with me to identify areas that needed attention, to redesign our website into something widely regarded as a tremendous improvement over what we had, and to bring us into the world of social media marketing, now our bread and butter.

There has been a marked increase in traffic to our website, a quickly growing social following with high engagement, and other new signs of activity connected to our business. CREATE180 Design’s launch of a newsletter and our Preferred Customers Club has resulted in a significant and growing number of people signing up, and we’re definitely seeing new leads and sales.

Leonard Riforgiato - Co-owner, CEO, Heywood-Wakefield Furniture Company
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