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Web Design for Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence

Advocating New Public Safety Initiatives

Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence

Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence

The Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence is a nonpartisan group started by the League of Women Voters Florida to fight for additional state gun regulations to reduce related deaths and violence.

This website needed emotional resonance while presenting a balanced, level-headed push for gun control that speaks to people across the political spectrum. Our copy is simple and straightforward, de-emphasizing 2nd Amendment issues and focusing instead on public safety. We feature the coalition’s two specific legislative goals on multiple pages because the public is more likely to rally behind clearly defined, quantifiable goals than intangibles like “increasing safety.”

We reference the David-and-Goliath metaphor for emotional resonance. Our copy and imagery play up the organization and mission as the underdog taking on the massive gun lobby. At the same time, the site highlights the coalition’s 100+ partner organizations from multiple industries to show broad support and that this is a powerful group.

This project demonstrates our ability to craft a compelling message and site around a timely, divisive topic, and to incorporate the psychology of gaining activist support.


CREATE180 Design’s branding process was instrumental in helping our new organization, the Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, hone its message. Their team gave us some great ideas for reaching our audience and working with them was a positive experience from start to finish. We love the way our website turned out, and it’s proving very effective at bringing people together around our cause.

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