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Proclaiming over 30 years of building Florida's infrastructure

Bentley Architects & Engineers

Bentley Architects & Engineers

Bentley A+E offers comprehensive multidisciplinary architectural, structural engineering, transportation engineering, and land development services to the private and public sectors.

With Bentley’s website, we sought to portray the brand’s stature as a pioneer in multidisciplinary capabilities and as an agency that tackles even the most complex and large-scale projects.

Our copy speaks with a sense of grandeur, emphasizing that Bentley’s work has a significant impact on the world around it. The idea that the company designs solutions—not just structures—is paramount to our branding and echoes across the site.

Imagery is of pulled-back and bird’s-eye views of Bentley projects, displaying their full size and scope and contextualizing them in their surroundings. This further establishes the magnitude we wanted.

We highlight the firm’s diverse portfolio in a user-friendly fashion to leverage its legacy, making deep project records easily searchable by various parameters. To the same end, we spotlight a retrospective of Bentley’s first 25 years in business.

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