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Software Resources (SRI)

Uniting two target audiences for one shared goal

Software Resources (SRI)

Software Resources is a Central Florida-based recruiting and staffing services firm that specializes in filling jobs in IT, creative, and marketing for tech companies, as well as jobs in finance, accounting, entertainment, hospitality, leisure travel, government, and other sectors.

Part of our job in the website redesign was to start gently rebranding the company to SRI (for Software Resources Incorporated), as the existing name “Software Resources” has tended to cause some confusion about what they do. However, a hard rebrand wasn’t desired, as the firm has built a strong reputation under the existing name.  

One challenge was that SRI has two distinct target audiences: companies that need staffing solutions, and individuals looking for employment opportunities. We came up with a tag line that speaks directly to both: “Connecting the right person to the right job. Every time.” It emphasizes that the company focuses on the needs of employers and employees alike, because the goal is to satisfy both parties with every job placement.

We used imagery of happy professionals in work settings to promote this sense of satisfaction. Much of the site is designed to speak to employers and employees, but there are of course dedicated pages for each audience. The digital magazine we created includes two categories aimed at employers and two geared toward people seeking employment, allowing SRI to build rapport, trust, and an email list with each audience, and for the site to boost SEO related to each target.

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