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Harding Bell International (HBI)

Establishing expertise, trust, and guidance

Harding Bell International (HBI)

Harding Bell International offers a wide range of services, including accounting, tax preparation, mortgages, and financial advising, including areas like wealth building, business planning, retirement planning, estate planning, asset risk management, and more. Additionally, they specialize in helping foreign investors in US real estate (especially Central Florida) navigate the American tax system, maximize profits, and minimize their tax burden.

“Navigating” is an important theme at HBI—its logo even has a compass—where the team is devoted to guiding clients through the mazes of taxes and financial planning. We seized on this as a value proposition to highlight in the website design and digital magazine we created. The magazine is titled The HBI Compass, offering expert tax and financial guidance to individuals, business owners, and real estate investors. 

We used imagery throughout the site depicting explorers and adventurers finding their way in the great outdoors. It resonates with the theme, it’s uplifting, and it goes a long way toward counteracting the stereotypically boring image associated with accounting and financial advisers. 

Along with the digital magazine, the website has dedicated Resources and Testimonials pages. These further establish trust and promote the firm as one that offers guidance to make things simpler for lay people. Also, because a significant portion of their business comes from UK-based real estate investors, we highlighted the fact that some company founders are originally from the UK and have extensive experience themselves investing in properties here and dealing with the regulations and tax laws.

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