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Showcasing art that offers new perspectives of our world

Chris Carr Fine Art Photography

Chris Carr Photography

Chris Carr is a fine art photographer whose series Puddle Reflections captures unique and often surreal perspectives of our world with photos taken of reflections in puddles. 

Working on an artist’s website is always interesting and challenging. As the site designer, we’re expected to help sell the work, but we must tread cautiously so we don’t overshadow, over-explain, or obscure the work (which is of course the most important part) with too much other stuff.

For Chris’ site, we used very little copy, limited mostly to headlines that echo his artistic intent to offer new perspectives of the everyday world around us. His own beautiful, thought-provoking imagery speaks for itself.

However, we’ve learned that the public’s interest in individual artworks—and their perceived value—increase with certain information and insights into them. We had Chris provide backstory about the photos in his online gallery, as well as any history of their showings. Also, we created a digital magazine for him to discuss his artistic process and behind-the-scenes adventures at art fairs, in addition to the requisite information about exhibits, artist appearances, media coverage, etc.


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