How to Get More Followers for Your Company Page on LinkedIn

How to Get More Followers for Your Company Page on LinkedIn

As the leading social media site for professionals, LinkedIn is a key place to have an impressive presence for your brand. Users are buying, selling, looking for leads, becoming leads themselves, building their personal and organization’s brands, looking for great places to work, and more.

In other words, it’s an important website for bolstering your brand authority, generating and nurturing leads, developing relationships, recruiting talent, and achieving other goals. And it’s a great site for establishing “wisdom of the crowd” social proof by fostering a large following.

But gaining followers for a business page on LinkedIn isn’t always easy—especially with the relatively limited functionality of this type of page on the site. Still, there are proven ways to get more followers for your company page on LinkedIn that any brand can take advantage of.

Tips to Get More Followers for Your Company Page on LinkedIn

  • Fill out your company profile completely. Company pages with complete information get up to twice as much traffic. So, be sure to include a high-resolution logo and cover image; your company type, size, and description; your website URL; and your industry.
  • Post regularly. LinkedIn has said that company pages that share content at least once per month build their following six times faster than those that don’t. Many digital marketing experts recommend posting from a LinkedIn business page once or twice per week to keep up your visibility and to keep your followers engaged.
  • Use hashtags on your posts. Hashtags expose content on LinkedIn to a broader audience. Use relevant ones as part of a thoughtful comment introducing a link to valuable content to attract more attention from site users. If they like what you share, this is an effective way to get more followers for your company page on LinkedIn.
  • Occasionally re-share successful content. Shared content that performed well in the past should perform well again (as long as it’s still relevant of course). It’s unlikely that many—if any—of your followers will see the same content again. Just put some time between re-sharing. Posts that garner good engagement appear in other people’s feeds and get attention from new users who may opt to follow your company page.
  • Encourage employees to create accounts and connect to your company page. Much of the attention any company page receives on LinkedIn starts with interactions between individuals. Everyone working for your brand who has a profile should be linked to your company page by identifying it as their employer. Just be sure to have social media usage guidelines in place so everyone’s on the same page about how to represent your brand on the site.
  • Have your employees be active on LinkedIn. Individuals can do a lot more on LinkedIn than company pages, so they’re a significant part of increasing your brand’s exposure. It’s not enough for people to have profiles; they need to use them regularly. The more people tied to your company page that engage with other content, participate in groups, and otherwise network, the more attention—and followers—your company page will get.
  • Encourage employees to engage with your company page posts. Again, posts that get engagement show up in more feeds. Users who are connected to your employees sometimes see your posts when your employees like or comment on them, and of course when they share them. Have your employees engage with your company page’s posts to increase their reach and bring more people to your page.
  • Promote your company page off the site. Include a link to your company page on your website, on other social media pages, and in employee email signatures. You can also add LinkedIn “Follow” buttons to your website, including on landing pages and blog posts. Even a “Follow us on LinkedIn” sign in your store, office, or other physical location can help you get more followers for your company page on LinkedIn.
  • Create a page-follow ad campaign. Spend a little of your digital marketing budget to advertise your brand’s company page to LinkedIn users on the site. You can target people in particular industries, companies, and locations to ensure you’re reaching the right audience.

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