7 Places to Distribute Your Videos for Marketing Purposes

7 Places to Distribute Your Videos for Marketing Purposes

Video marketing is an effective and ever-more-popular segment of content marketing. When done well, this format is great for boosting brand awareness, generating engagement and shares, driving web traffic, and moving your target market along your sales funnel.

Of course, your videos only work if people in your target audience actually see them. And that’s why your larger content marketing plan must include ways to distribute your videos for marketing purposes. It’s not good enough to just create a compelling video, stick it on your website, and hope for results.

Different sharing platforms and methods are better suited to some brands than others, and a lot depends on which ones you’ve been nurturing and growing. But below is a general look at the sort of places you should distribute your videos for marketing your goods or services to the right people.

Where to Share Your Video Marketing Content

  1. Your website – Just in case it needs saying, your videos should be viewable on your site on a relevant page. It could be your Home page, a products or services page, a dedicated page for your visual media, or something else—just make sure it fits the purpose of its location.
  1. Your blog – And don’t forget to share your videos on your blog. Remember, the majority of your posts should be informative rather than self-promotional, but this is still a key place to post your video marketing content for your regular audience, subscribers, and visitors.
  1. Relevant landing pages – Here’s another place on your site where it sometimes makes sense to include your videos. If a video fits the single purpose of a particular landing page and is designed to help it accomplish it’s goal, by all means, embed it there.
  1. YouTube – You also need to distribute your videos for marketing in places beyond your own website, of course. After Google, YouTube is the second-most-used search engine on the web. Upload all your videos here, and optimize your YouTube posts for search.
  1. Your social media pages – Video tends to get more clicks, likes, comments, shares, and other engagement than written content on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are particularly good places to share video. Just remember, the same thing applies as with blogs: Self-promotional content should be a fairly small part of what you post.
  1. Your email list – Send out your videos in your newsletter or other email marketing blasts. If you have segmented audiences, make sure you keep things relevant to the recipients. And if you make lots of videos, don’t get carried away; stick to the most important ones that offer the most value to the people you’re emailing.
  1. Partner sites – If you work closely with other brands, determine whether it makes sense for them to share any of your videos on their blog, social media accounts, or other outlets. Be willing to reciprocate if it would make sense to share their content with your audience.

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